Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get registered?

Call 1.866.494.4610

Where are you located?

Retail stores is a North American-based company with distribution centers located throughout the US and Canada.

Do you offer Credit Terms?

As an online retailer that serves a global marketplace we cannot offer credit terms.  All purchases are paid in advance at the time of purchase.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal.  For large orders, Wire Transfer may be accepted upon condition.  Contact 1.866.494.4610 for details.

Why does my Credit Card show a foreign currency fee?

All purchases are made in US dollars and shipped within the US.  However, the company that processes Industrial Stores credit card transactions is a Canadian-based company.  On rare occasions, certain Credit Card companies and/or Banks will levy a currency exchange fee.  This charge is not made by the Industrial Stores network or any of its subsidiaries.  If such a fee has been incurred, we suggest you contact your Credit Card company and/or Bank and ask this fee be waived.

Why did I only receive a partial shipment?

Occasionally orders may ship from multiple warehouses.  As such, a portion of your order may arrive separately.  Additionally, one or more pieces of your order may be on backorder and a partial shipment was made to be followed by the remainder once the backorder has been filled.

What if I did not receive my invoice receipt?

Some mail programs will highlight formatted invoices and/or emails as SPAM or Junk items.  If your program forwards these to a folder, you may check to see if your receipt has been diverted.  If you still cannot locate your receipt, you may request another copy of your receipt by filling in this form

When will my "Backorder" ship?

Unfortunately not all products are in stock at time of order.  When parts are placed on Backorder we strive to ship as soon as possible.  Sometimes the parts can be shipped factory direct to your door, other times there is a delay due to circumstances beyond our control.  If you have any questions regarding a backordered part, please contact our Customer Service team and we will do our best to update the status of your order.

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