Zodiac Bombard 37814 Zodiac Zoom 260 Aero (NZ15025C)

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Zoom 260 AeroMade from glued structure STRONGAN™ fabric, the ZOOM range offers excellent value for money. Its large diameter buoyancy tubes give it an impressive load capacity. The truncated cone tube ends provide great buoyancy, particularly noticeable if you choose a 4-stroke engine. Depending on size, the ZOOM is available with a slatted, plywood or inflatable floor, helping it fit perfectly with your boat.Plus Products:Excellent ValueThwart included as standardHigh load capacityChoice of floorsTruncated conesCarrying bag includedSpecifications:Overall Length: 2.60 - 8'6"Inside Length: 1.64 - 5'5"Overall Width: 1.53 - 5'0"Inside Width: 0.68 - 2'3"Passengers: 3

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